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This page is for documenting and planning non-widget specific accessibility recommendations and resources. You can find widget-specific recommendations on each widget's page.


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We have some limitations in what assistive technologies (AT), e.g., screen readers, we can actively support. In that regard, this is what we support and test with:

  • We support latest NVDA on latest Firefox.
    • Firefox and NVDA are actively improving accessibility and ARIA support.
  • We test against latest NVDA, JAWS, and VoiceOver.
    • Unfortunately limitations and bugs in some of these AT make it hard to support all of them at the same time.
    • We do our best to support the widest range while advocating for improved accessibility standards.
    • See screen reader survey for usage statistics.
  • We accept patches for other/older AT if:
    • The code is maintainable/not super hacky.
    • The changes are relatively small.
    • The changes don't break or harm accessibility for conforming AT.
      • We value interactions over technical implementations.
      • Diverging from the roles and attributes in the ARIA authoring practices is ok if the interactions remain as expected and overall accessibility is improved.


Any time we diverge from the ARIA authoring practices, we document the changes, along with the reasoning, on the appropriate wiki page. When the WAI-ARIA WG is ready to discuss ARIA 2.0, we'll have a list of known issues, workarounds, and suggestions for improvements to the spec itself. 




Here's a list of resources for ARIA and related documents, reference implementations and surveys in no particular order:


ARIA specification and related documents:


ARIA example:


Testing ARIA tools:




Open Issues 


Configurable keyboard shortcuts, tbd.


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