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All jQuery UI widgets are built for ease of theming by using a common CSS framework for interaction states and other common styles. This CSS framework is used by the ThemeRoller application to let developers create custom, downloadable themes in a brower. For developers familiar with CSS, the consistent class structure used for widgets can also be used to create custom hand-coded themes.


jQuery UI CSS Framework

These are the consistent set of classes used across all widgets for interaction states (clickable, hover, active), system states (highlight, error) and content (header, content area) plus a fairly robust stock icon set.


ThemeRoller v.2.0

For 1.6rc3, we're deeply re-vampling the ThemeRoller app to use the new, extended css framework styles, an improved layout, and more interactive theme gallery tool.


ThemeRoller gallery

Along with the ThemeRoller re-design, we are hoping to create a new set of theme presets and (ideally) create a data-driven theme gallery with user-generated themes that can be rated and sorted.


Creating custom themes

Learn how to use the jQuery UI CSS Framework classes to write highly customized widget designs that can't be achieved through the ThemeRoller app.

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