ThemeRoller gallery

The ThemeRoller gallery tab needs a functionality re-vamp to make it more interactive with voting and user-generated themes. 


New Community-driven gallery

The current gallery consists of a hard-coded flat file with a set of TR URLs. It would be nice to transition this into an area where jQuery UI  users can submit themes from ThemeRoller and have the gallery display them by recency, views, rating, etc.


Each saved theme would have the following attributes:



Themes could then be sorted by:


The mockup on the right is a very early sketch (yes, the tabs are wrong) that illustrates how this could look in the new ThemeRoller layout. Each theme could simply have the thumbnal, title, creator and star rating to keep the presentation simple and compact.

Clicking on a theme would refresh the widget preview on the right but keep the user on the gallery tab. Once a theme is clicked, we can use an animation to display the theme actions panel (see lower right gray box with "jQuery UI Default" title). In the theme actions panel, we display:



In order to make this happen, we would need a developer who has the time to build out this functionality. Filament Group can provide all the front end design and coding, but we need a developer to built out the back end and database.




Feel free to keep adding new ideas!